Based on our experience and knowledge of global trends in architecture and design, we offer comprehensive services in terms of decor and design, utilizing a reliable process: from concept, to detailed design, including professional project management and implementation. We also provide services in terms of architect’s supervision and comprehensive handling of the creative process. Our studio specializes in designing private residential interiors and commercial interiors, such as offices, hotels, wellness facilities, and retail spaces. The scope of our services depends only on your imagination. The satisfaction of our clients comes first—we adapt our concepts to their instructions. We are open to your suggestions and guarantee flexibility in cooperation.

The stages of producing a comprehensive interior design are as follows:


The concept of an interior comprises two to three versions of the functional layout, including plans presenting the proposed partition walls and the location of furniture, lighting fixtures, equipment, and washing facilities. On the basis of the selected version or its variation, we work with the client to arrive at the final functional design. At this stage, we also prepare photorealistic visualizations of the interior, showing what the interior will look like. As part of the comprehensive design, we prepare a detailed list of finishing materials (floors, furniture, lighting fixtures, washing facilities, tiles, wallpapers, fabrics), in line with the project budget.


The last stage of the design work is the preparation of a detailed design documentation on the basis of the previous parameters agreed upon with the client. Precise technical drawings make it possible to implement the design and contain construction instructions. The design comprises the following technical drawings:
– Views of all elevations, floor plans
– Locations of all fixtures for the lighting system, water and sewage system, and heating systems
– Selection of all colors and interior materials
– Designs of suspended ceilings, custom drywall designs
– Designs of kitchen furniture and other custom-made furniture
– Detailed designs of the particular rooms: kitchen, bathrooms, rooms, screening rooms, swimming pools
– Selection of all furniture and accessories


At the request of the client, we can take over the management of the construction process, making sure that the design is implemented exactly in accordance with the architect’s vision. We choose and coordinate the work of subcontractors, procure the necessary materials, and verify quality of work before accepting them. We work with suppliers and contractors specializing in all aspects of interior installations. This makes it possible to limit the time spent on the project by the client to the necessary minimum or to complete the project.

The above services are quoted individually, on the basis of the square footage area and the agreed scope of design works.


We start our work with a visit to the site and measure the place in detail—this is necessary to verify the measurements of the plan provided by the client prior to commencing design and installation of the space. We also produce a detailed photographic documentation. Before starting creative work, we attempt to learn as much as possible about the taste and expectations of the client. For our prospective clients, we have prepared a special questionnaire that helps us find out about their exact functional needs and esthetic preferences.

A one hour complimentary consultation is available upon request.
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